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At times parents may differ with the management of VYI Cheerleading and each parent is entitled to register their complaint to the volunteers who run the program. This is accomplished by a very specific process and all contact information is included on this WEB site under "Management".


Parents first must contact their league commissioner and detail the complaint and the remedy they desire. The commissioner will then respond to the complaint within two business days and provide, their best resolution to the issue at hand, preferably in writing. If a response is not received within two business days the parent may proceed to the next step by detailing what has transpired and indicating to the next level that no response was received.


In the event that a parent is unhappy with the decision of the commissioner, they may appeal the decision to a member of the VYI Executive Committee and ask to appear before the VYI Appeals Committee, which consists of at least four sports commissioners, but not the commissioner involved in the dispute, or at least two VYI Executive Committee members if sufficient commissioners are unavailable to meet within one week, and the VYI President or his appointee from the Executive Committee, who will act as the chairman of the meeting. 

The appeal process may be started by contacting one member of the Executive Committee which includes the Secretary, Treasurer, 1st Vice President, or President of VYI (see "Contacts") outlining the complaint and all proceedings that have transpired, including copies of all correspondence related to the issue that is relevant to the decision making process. A meeting will be convened within one week to resolve the situation.  Parents may attend the meeting where facts are presented, if they so desire, and any additional personnel involved may also appear at the discretion of the Appeals Committee.

All deliberations of the Appeals Committee, following factual presentations, will be in private and the chairman will vote only to break a tie. The decision at this level will be made within 24 hours and will be final.