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Individual Commitment

"I understand that Cheerleading is a commitment of my time and energy and I will make every effort to attend every game and practice. I will notify my coach in advance of any absence that is unavoidable.  I am willing to dedicate myself to this sport during the season, and do so, in a positive and appropriate manner. I will support VYI and my squad, and be respectful to others at all times.  I will abide by all guidelines and regulations at all VYI Cheerleading events.  I understand if my behavior is inappropriate, or not to the standards set forth, disciplinary action will be taken.”


Squad Formation

  • Squad formation is based on school grade and , in some cases, experience.  Also, number of squads is dependent upon number of Volunteer Coaches.
  • Our squads do not cheer for a specific team or weightclass. We do our best to match the ages of a squad's cheerleaders to a similarly aged weightclass .
  • Currently our squads are grouped in the following grade ranges:
  • grades K-1-2
  • grades 1-2-3
  • grades 3
  • grades 4-5
  • grades 5-6 
  • Senior Squad: grades 7-8
  • There are generally 8‑15 cheerleaders per squad, some squads are larger.
  • Squads are assigned by mid-August.
  • We will try to accommodate all requests but they are NOT guaranteed.  Siblings more than 2 grades apart will not be on the same squad.
  • No adjustments will be made after squads have been formed to be with friends or siblings; those requests must be on the registration form.